Goodbye Old Logo

Well, say goodbye to the old SkateCast logo. Started in 2007, the concept worked and I just kept changing the end number. But obviously it had a limited lifespan since the double O where I put in the loop figure was just not going to happen once 2010 came! So the logo had to be replaced.
Since the picture of me on the ice that I took for the Facebook page last year seemed to be popular, I decided that it was the most appropriate replacement. So say hello to the new icon.
Additionally, FYI I’m planning on getting a new website up this year. Let’s face it . . . this one is frightfully old, and embarrassing to me in particular considering my livelihood. But as a business-owner and mom, there’s only so much free time I’ve had over the past years to do these podcasts, let alone have the perfect website to present them! But it is time to address it, so look for a new site hopefully before too long.

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