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Thank you to Fiona McQuarrie for the transcription of the first 82 episodes. She did this by hand; when those episodes were recorded there were no online transcription services at the time. Thank you Fiona!

Thank you also to Callie Lipkin Photography for most of the banner images on this site. 

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These podcasts are a labor of love. I do them because I think skating history from all facets of the sport is important, and it’s fun for me to learn podcasting technology and combine my skating with my communication and tech skills. Hearing the stories of skating directly from the mouths of those who experienced it really gives a listener such a greater sense of meaning. Plus, I’ll admit it: it’s a blast to have an excuse to talk with my skating heroes on a monthly basis.

I am happy to offer them to you for free, and never want to charge for the podcasts. But donations are nice. Bandwidth costs money, as does the recording equipment and occasional travel costs to get to interviews. So if you like what you hear and have the ability to help out, here are a few ways . . .

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