Paul/Wagner 1958 Sports Illustrated Cover

From the Bob Paul episode (#38). It’s such a great shot, I had to put it here so you could all see it! Mr. Paul talks at length about the actual photo shoot during the podcast.

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Goodbye Old Logo

Well, say goodbye to the old SkateCast logo. Started in 2007, the concept worked and I just kept changing the end number. But obviously it had a limited lifespan since the double O where I put in the loop figure was just not going to happen once 2010 came! So the logo had to be…

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Barlow Nelson’s Generosity

A few days after our interview, Barlow Nelson came by my office saying he had a gift for me. He brought for me a copy of Maribel Vinson’s 1940 book ‘Advanced Figure Skating’ and a screenprint of the illustration of him doing a spreadeagle for her 1960 book “The Fun of Figure Skating.” Wow! So…

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