Ode to Dick Button

T’was my 5th anniversary, when leaving the rink
My muscles were aching. I needed a drink.

My spandex was hung by the chimney with care
Dreams of an interview with Saint Dick in the air.

A legend of skating, the best of the best!
This interview would put my skills to the test.

Preceded by Haines, Vinson and Henie.
T’was Lussi who shaped him to the envy of many.

Only lost two events in his life (he was second).
From that moment on, it was glory that beckoned.

His speed was unmatched, his moves were inventive.
He gave all successors the extra incentive.

Camels that fly! And jumps that turn thrice!
He debuted them all on bad outdoor ice.

A gift from Salchow was no common dish.
Dick passed it on to a young Petkevich.

Two times a champion in those sacred Olympics.
Next: a career, and retire those toepicks.

The first on TV! Brought the sport to the masses.
His knowledge was thicker than Dorothy’s glasses.

His comments were candid, sometimes abrasive.
Frequently spiffy, and often creative.

He’s even done movies, ice shows and judging.
And once in a while his Button gets pushing.

He’s known to stand up to the powers that be
In defense of honor and transparency.

Supporting the skaters, always the intention.
Many great ones. A few get a mention:

Now Peggy! Now Kristi! Now, Kwan, Lynn and Tenley!
On, Scottie! On, Brian! On, Jenkins and Ronnie!

Twizzle your hearts out! Try not to fall!
Now skate away! Skate away! Skate away all!

I’ve tried before, but Saint Dick is elusive.
To get an interview would be quite an exclusive.

In less than two weeks I will be in New York.
Will you grant me this wish, lest I look like a dork?

So what say you, please, sir? Can we have this dance?
Stand me in good stead with your numerous fans!

Let us hear you exclaim, as we finish our date:
“Happy Skatecast! All skating fans are first rate!”

(Dear Dick Button . . . email me please! Thanks.)

About the Author
Yup, I’m a skating fan. But I’m a skater too. I compete nearly every year in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, and am always thrilled to see my other skating buddies there. In my real life I work in marketing for brands that make positive changes in the world, and a mom of two rambunctious boys.

4 comments on “Ode to Dick Button

  1. Jane Fiore says:

    Oh Allison that is SO great. How can he resist that? If only he were on FB….

    Don’t give up!

  2. allison says:

    He is on Facebook! But rarely posts. 🙂

  3. Heather Harris says:

    That was very good.

  4. Debby says:

    How could he possibly refuse a poetic, come hither request such as that?!? Best of luck with your interview! He must respond in the affirmative, lest he look like a jerk!! You are, without question, “the best man for the job”. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it all comes together.

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