Reviews of skating books and products

Book Review: “Lake Placid Figure Skating: A History: by Christie Sausa

Author Christie Sausa has compiled a nice history of skating in Lake Placid, and all the forces that shaped the area that is now considered one of the best, if not most loved, skating centers in the United States. People go for the sheer beauty of the physical place alone, with its enviable location in…

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Book Review: Flying Camels & Tiger Mothers by Andy Schell

I’ll admit that while I’m a rabid skating fan, I’m always a bit leery of skating fiction. I’ll devour a good autobiography of a skater, a how-to manual, or a book covering the history of some facet of the sport. But fan fiction has never held much of an allure for me. Perhaps because skating…

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Book Review: Kelli Lawrence’s “Skating On Air”

Kelli Lawrence tackles the phenomenon of how figure skating and television intertwine in her book “Skating On Air: The Broadcast History of an Olympic Marquee Sport.” While even the most ardent skating fan knows that the two have enjoyed a long (and alternatively symbiotic and tempestuous) relationship, any reader will appreciate the incredible level of…

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Book Review: Frances Dafoe’s “Figure Skating and the Arts”

Ordering information is below. I had never thought about the history of skating imagery used in art over the past several hundred years, but I’m so glad that Ms. Dafoe did. Her beautiful coffee table book “Figure Skating and the Arts” is a gorgeous book covering how skating has been portrayed in all mediums —…

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Book Review: “Taking the Ice” by Pj Kwong

Canada has such a long history of fantastic figure skating talent that to cover it all would take several volumes. “Taking the Ice: Success Stories From the World of Canadian Figure Skating” is a wonderful overview of stories of skating from a wide selection of Canadian skating stars. As a coach, PA announcer, commentator and…

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Book Review: Lucinda Ruh’s “Frozen Teardrop”

I was contacted out of the blue by Lucinda Ruh to be interviewed for the skatecast. Imagine my glee at finding that email in my inbox! Of course I was thrilled. She graciously sent me an advance copy of her new book “Frozen Teardrop: The Triumph and Tragedy of Figure Skating’s Queen of Spin” which…

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