Book Review: Frances Dafoe’s “Figure Skating and the Arts”

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I had never thought about the history of skating imagery used in art over the past several hundred years, but I’m so glad that Ms. Dafoe did. Her beautiful coffee table book “Figure Skating and the Arts” is a gorgeous book covering how skating has been portrayed in all mediums — painting, sculpture, ceramics, and more. At 192 pages in hardback, this is a fine coffee table book that every skating fan should own. With a forward by Dick Button himself (and his photo is instead substituted with a fantastic portrait by Tom Ouellette that you’ve probably never seen) reveals his own early introduction in skating collections and how he came to acquire his love for collecting skating art.

The book is wonderfully rich in images, for the most part all taken by Ms. Dafoe herself, who did a fine job teaching herself the basics of photography in order to make all the images consistent from page to page. As she explained in my podcast interview with her, it also made it possible for her to include much of the work to begin with, as the owners of the pieces were understandably loathe to part with the works. She traveled to many locations world-wide and was welcomed into many homes of skating’s royalty to gain access and include the pieces. As usual, our skating community proves to be uncommonly generous in spreading the love of our sport.

Most skating fans will of course recognize the old dutch paintings of skating on the canals, ceramic pieces, and skating costumes. But there are a few gems of discovery, such as detailed engravings on blades, drinking pitchers, and a fantastic old photo of an unidentified man standing next to an astonishing special figure he created. How I wish we knew his identity. I also learned some new trivia about skating through these images, for example how war shortages of fabrics and cloth resulted in the hand crocheted wool skating dresses created in the 1940s and 1950s.

This book is truly a labor of love. Congrats and thank you to Ms. Dafoe and her team for traveling the world and compiling these pieces for us all to be able to enjoy. You can enter to win a copy of this fantastic book.


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