Gus Lussi

Book Review: “Lake Placid Figure Skating: A History: by Christie Sausa

Author Christie Sausa has compiled a nice history of skating in Lake Placid, and all the forces that shaped the area that is now considered one of the best, if not most loved, skating centers in the United States. People go for the sheer beauty of the physical place alone, with its enviable location in…

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Episode #77: Cecily Morrow

June 2014An interview with Cecily Morrow. She’s a coach and former student of some of the best coaches out there (Carlo Fassi, Gustave Lussi, and Natalia Dubova). But her main and lasting contribution to the sport of figure skating has been her in-depth recordings of the teachings of Gustave Lussi and Natalia Dubova, through the video…

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Episode #47: David Jenkins

MARCH 2011 An interview with David Jenkins, 1956 Olympic Bronze medalist, 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist, 3-time World Champion and 4-time US National Champion. We discuss how he and his brother Hayes worked together, his loathing of figures, how a boxing promoter came to own the rights to his performance from CBS, and how he was…

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