Photos from the Ice Capades Reunion (#41)

Photos from the Ice Capades Reunion (#41)

I took a ton of photos. Check them out:

Richard Dwyer

Alex McGowan

Terry Kubika and Ray Belmonte

Roxanne Wassil (1972-1989)

Stephan Klovan

Old photo

Old photo

Richard Dwyer checking out the old photos

A box of old music tapes

Mary Sleichter Hummel (1944-1949) and Marjory McChesney Kunik (1944-1948)

Sketches for costumes

Vegas girls and the fabulous ice sculpture

Sarah Kawahara

Will Grendahl (1971-1974) and Patricia Davis Gur (1979-1981)

About the Author
Yup, I’m a skating fan. But I’m a skater too. When I’m not working on my 4th Figure Test (just passed #3!), I’m trying to consistently land through double flip. I compete nearly every year in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, and am always thrilled to see my other skating buddies there. My supportive husband loves that his wife is fit, flexible and wears a lot of spandex. You see . . . everyone wins. In my real life I run a brand strategy firm called Rogue Element, where I get to make other companies look good.

11 comments on “Photos from the Ice Capades Reunion (#41)

  1. Janette Chelhowski says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures & interview some very interesting members of the Ice Capades. Whether you skated or worked behind the scenes, everyone has great stories to tell.
    From what I heard this was the best run reunion ever. My feeling is each reunion has some very interesting stories & a book should be written with tons of pictures and interviews. Who doesn’t love a good summer novel.

  2. Dr. Andrea Smith-Hunter says:

    I love visiting your site and reading your posts. My question is this – do you have any interviews with Alex McGowan? Thanks.

  3. allison says:

    I interviewed him extensively in the Ice Capades podcast, for about 20 minutes. He’s a hoot! Hoping to do a full length someday. Thanks!

  4. Susie Lynn says:

    Hi! I’ve lost contact with many of the skaters I knew way back when. If you remember me, please send me an email at the address above. I used to love the show and was always there taking photos of everyone. Still have a few left I’d like to share. I am also on Facebook now under Sue Lynn. Currently am working at Hollywood Casino Charles Town and am still doing photography. Send me an e-mail…. Thanks

  5. Mary Negravel says:

    I attended the 2010 Reunion…I was in Ice Capades in 1972

  6. Mary Negravel says:

    That was the Ice Capades West Division

  7. Irene Harnden Larson says:

    I was in the show in the 50’s. Would love to hear from anyone



  9. Brenda McGuirk Fix says:

    Hello, Hope this site is still live. My father Joe McGuirk was in the Ice Capades in the late 50s and early 60s. He was from Blackpool England, and ended up moving to the Poconos in PA and stayed there. He mentioned Shirley Costello at lot when I was little. He’d be 90 if he were alive so I don’t know who else from that era is left. I would love to get better versions of the photos you took to see if he is in any of them.
    He is listed in the 1959 program, linked above.

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