Long overdue . . . a new site!

I’m pathetic.

It’s true. I work at a web design and development agency. I’ve worked with some of the best designers and developers building some of the most amazing digital experiences on the internet. In short, I have all the knowledge and resources in the world (if not the direct coding skills) at my fingertips to build a site. And yet I could not find the time — or money, frankly — for too long to get it done. Life chaos got in the way over and over, and I couldn’t prioritize this site.

In the meantime, podcasting became one of the most popular forms of media in the world. New platforms for hosting podcasts appeared, and with them, new skating podcasts to fill in content gaps. Facebook pages for skating also surfaced. Twitter became a heavily used source for play by play content. And for all of it I’m grateful. It kept me in the loop when I had to shift my focus.

Sadly, also during that long break, skating greats passed away. So many people I would have been thrilled to have the chance to interview: Aja Zanova, Bob Turk, Tom Collins, Ina Bauer, Ludmila Protopopov, and more. Those voices are lost tragically before I was able to capture their stories in audio. I will regret that forever.

But this site is finally no longer pathetic. I was motivated to get this site back up to speed. I was able to enlist the help of an excellent developer colleague, get a theme going, migrate all the content, and make some upgrades. I also had to delete over 12,000 spam messages, which took some doing as I couldn’t do a bulk delete. But now it’s launched, just in time for US Figure Skating to enlist my help with their Skating Vault podcast to celebrate 100 years of the organization.

Manleywoman is now a responsive site, so it works on any mobile device. You can play the podcasts directly from the site, or subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, Audible, and more.

And  . . . I can make new episodes.

I’m thankfully in a position where I can make sure not to miss any more voices. Will episodes be monthly? Tough to say. I am still a single mom juggling a job and children. But there will be new ones! So sign up for my email newsletter (scroll down to the footer) so you don’t miss future episodes. Also please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. 

Thanks for your incredible patience, and welcome to the new manleywoman.com.

About the Author
Yup, I’m a skating fan. But I’m a skater too. I compete nearly every year in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships, and am always thrilled to see my other skating buddies there. In my real life I work in marketing for brands that make positive changes in the world, and a mom of two rambunctious boys.

1 comment on “Long overdue . . . a new site!

  1. Mia says:

    I’m so grateful for your return to regular podcasting. While you have been busy with other life priorities, your archive of podcast interviews have been a constant reference source. You are the original figure skating podcast pioneer, and your work has been enlightening and inspirational! I’m glad you had help to provide transcripts of some former interview highlights. Those transcripts have also been invaluable. A huge welcome back! And thanks so much, as always, Allison!

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