2011 US Nationals: Day 3 (Saturday)

2011 US Nationals: Day 3 (Saturday)

Day 3 for me here at Nationals, and I finally got some of my voice back so I could do some podcasting! I spent the morning sleeping in a bit to get really rested (a rare thing for me with two little ones at home) and went for a nice long walk. I ended up sitting next to Danny and Estelle Kwan in a cafe, and then walked back to my hotel to get ready for the Original Dance. A picture of Davis & White, who were brilliant as usual.

I also finally got to meet choreographer Tom Dickson in person, who I’ve interviewed but had never met in the flesh.

Then there was the on-ice Hall of Fame ceremony for Michelle Kwan:

And I gave a HUGE hug to Phillip Mills, who was the choreographer for Ashley Wagner’s two brilliant programs. He was standing with Paul Wylie’s mother:

So the interviews I got today were plentiful, which was good considering I missed two days after being sick and losing my voice! I got: Karen Kwan, Peter Oppegard, the Boys Who Score, Christy Krall, Allison Scott, Tom Z, Robert Mauti, Rockne Brubaker and a random fan.

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