2011 US Nationals: Day 2 (Friday)

2011 US Nationals: Day 2 (Friday)

After a good night’s sleep (thanks Nyquil!) I woke up feeling . . . well, not a whole lot better. Ugh. So I decided to skip the Short Dance and sleep some more so I could push through for the Men’s Short Program and the Michelle Kwan Hall of Fame induction. I was NOT going to miss that! So I didn’t really rally until about 2:00 pm. This was not the way I intended to spend this California vacation, I can tell you. I was looking forward to getting to work out, do lots of interviews, enjoy San Jose, etc. But now I’m in triage mode just trying to get better.The one thing I did have to do though in the morning was pick up my Hall of Fame ticket at the Fairmont. And guess who I ran into there:

Finally after sleeping most of the morning, I felt better by the Men’s event! But when I get sick my voice is always the last to recover, so I still sound like Brenda Vaccaro with a bad smoking habit. No interviews for me yet! But I did get to enjoy all the men. I was sitting with my good buddy Doug Mattis and his partner Terence:

And just a few seats away were Emily Hughes and Tenley Albright’s daughter, choreographer Erin:

A few images from the Men’s SP itself: Jason Brown (who I adore as a person since I skate with him occasionally in Chicago . . . he’s a great kid!) getting his scores while Jeremy Abbott takes the ice underneath:

And Jeremy with Yuka Sato and Jason Dunjen getting his monster SP score!

Then it was time for the Michelle Kwan Hall of Fame Induction! I headed over to the Fairmont Hotel with a friend from FSU, “peibeck”:

. . . and there was an embarrassment of riches there as far as famous skating people. Frank Carroll indulged a young fan with a photo:

Doug Wilson of ABC with Peggy Fleming:

Tom Collins of Champions on Ice:

Charlie Tickner and Karen Kwan with some young fans:




Allison Scott, Leah Adams, Allen Scott and myself:



And then there was the induction itself:

Wait . . . who is this obscure skater I’m with?

And after much patience, we got a picture of “peibeck” with Miss Kwan as well:

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