olympic ice skating

Episode #73: Dick Button

February 2014 An interview with the legendary Dick Button. What hasn’t he done? He’s practically the father of our sport (if Jackson Haines were Grandfather). The two-time Olympic Gold medalist invented many of the jumps and spins we see today, and he invented figure skating commentary. He’s a skater, producer, commentator, actor, truth-seeker, hall-of-famer, stirrer-upper,…

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Episode #61: Norbert Schramm

NOVEMBER 2012 Norbert Schramm is a German Figure Skating Champion, two-time European Champion, twice the World Silver Medalist, and one of the more interesting skaters from an already interesting era in Men’s figure skating. His inventive choreography and spins are still fresh today. He has continued his figure skating career in television and show production,…

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Episode #34: Richard Dalley

DECEMBER 2009 An interview with American ice dancer Richard Dalley, a 7-time US medalist, 1984 Olympian, ISU judge, and 2010 Olympic Team Leader. 48 minutes, 17 seconds. Thanks to Fiona McQuarrie for transcribing these interview highlights: On his most embarrassing skating moment: Probably the one that stays with me the most is when we were…

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