charlie tickner

Episode #78: Tom Zakrajsek

July 2014 An interview with Tom Zakrajsek. Tom competed in Men’s Singles and Pairs, then became a judge. But he’s made the biggest impact as a coach. Known for his technical coaching, he has groomed many elite skaters over the years including Ryan Bradley, Rachel Flatt, Jeremy Abbott, Max Aaron, Brandon Mroz, and Mirai Nagasu. He…

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Episode #27: Charlie Tickner

MAY 2009 An interview with Charlie Tickner, 4-time US National Champion, World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist. 58 minutes, 30 seconds. Thanks to Fiona McQuarrie for transcribing these interview highlights: On his most embarrassing skating moment: I don’t remember what year it was, I was still competing so it had to be in the late…

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