Champions on ice

Episode #49: Timothy Goebel

JUNE 2011 An interview with Timothy Goebel, 2001 US National Champion, and 2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist. Also known as the “Quad King,” he was the first person to land three quadruple jumps in one program (and one of the few to accomplish that to this day). We discuss his quads, the change from 6.0 to…

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Episode #31: Dan Hollander

SEPTEMBER 2009 An interview with Dan Hollander, 2-time US Bronze medalist, and long-time member of Champions on Ice. 55 minutes, 28 seconds. Thanks to Fiona McQuarrie for transcribing these interview highlights: On his most embarrassing skating moment: Oh my God, there’s so many to choose from. There’s one that sticks out in my head, I…

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